Ukyou is the fourth prince of Black Panther Country. He was adopted into the castle when he was very young as a substitute for an heir as the first three princes were infected with a disease that had no cure at the time.

    He was moved away to the farthest part of the city after the First Prince's disease was cured (which was not long after he entered the castle) and was forced to attend Kedamono. There he met Chou Chou and Chigaya, who he grew to like, become best friends with, and grow up with.

    He is constantly placed first in academics, and is popular with the female beasts. Though, against Chigya in height, is beaten by 2 cm.

    Ukyou easily gets drunk, as shown when he drank punch spiked with catnip, immediately showing signs of drowsiness. When drunk, he becomes more honest and blunt, even showing more signs of being a cat.


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