Shigeo Kageyama
    Shigeo Kageyama

    Age: 14
    Birthday: May 12
    Zodiac: Taurus


    Shigeo Kageyama, nicknamed "Mob" (モブ), is the protagonist of the Mob Psycho 100 series, as well as assistant and disciple of Arataka Reigen. He is the newest member of the Body Improvement Club.

    As a child, Mob learned that his psychic power was linked to his emotions. Strong negative emotions can cause him to hurt others, something he strongly dislikes and avoids. Therefore, he generally tries to keep his emotions in check.

    He is rather socially awkward. He is incapable of "reading the atmosphere," which has lead to him having a lack of friends.

    Mob is very compassionate. He is forgiving, kind and helpful. He tries to be kind to others in many instances.

    He is morally opposed towards using psychic ability against other people.

    Another principle of his is that psychic ability does not make him or others inherently better and that his psychic ability is not something that he requires in life. This belief leads to conflict.


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