Raimei Shimizu
    Raimei Shimizu

    Birthday: April 1
    Height: 161 cm
    Weight: 44 kg
    Shoe size: 23.5 cm
    Blood type: B
    Likes: Training, pastries, BOSSA NOVA
    Dislikes: Flowers
    Specialties: Making desserts
    Special Sword: Kurogamon (Black gamon)


    Raimei is a 14 year old student like Miharu and Koichi. She is determined to kill her older brother Raiko Shimizu. In order to do that she must stick by Miharus side to find out more about Raiko such as how to find him. She and Miharu trust each other so Raimei keeps Miharus secret about granting Yoites wish.


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