Kazuhiko Yukimi
    Kazuhiko Yukimi

    Birthday: 1/23
    Height: 180 cm (when he slouches)
    Weight: 76 kg
    Shoe size: 28 cm
    Blood type: B
    Dislikes: Children, pure love tails, pills
    Specialty: Cut-corner cooking, baseball


    A 27-year-old ninja and member of the Kairōshū who acts as a squad leader on missions, such as the attack on Fūma Village.
    He lives with Yoite, and is protective of him, caring for him as his health degenerates.
    He is also a comrade of Raikō, whom he occasionally goes on missions with.
    While he tries to act cool, he is also known for childish outbursts, which are usually directed at Raikō. Throughout the show, he is criticized by other shinobi because his main weapon of choice is a Glock 7 handgun, to which he replies 'get with the times.' However, he does also use more conventional shinobi weapons, i.e. kunai, shurikens etc.

    His past is unclear, but apparently he and his sister were living in poor conditions before they were adopted by the Kairoushou.


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