Ikuto Touhouin
    Ikuto Touhouin

    Age: 14
    Birthday: February 15, 1988
    Blood type: A
    Height: 151cm
    Weight: 40kg


    Ikuto ran away from his father, and after he fell from a ship while  going on a vacation, he drifted to a island with nothing but girls. He  is rescued by a girl named Suzu, who gives him a place to live. Because  he's the only guy on the island, all the girls chase after him.

    When somebody says the word 'impossible' Ikuto goes berserk and will try  to do the thing which is impossible anyway, although most of the time  he fails. He also gets a nosebleed and faints when a girl undresses in  front of him (which happens a LOT, he even says that he will eventually  die from blood loss one day). He also has a strong bond with Suzu, because whenever she is not feeling well or is in danger, he will do  anything in his power to help her.


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