Nana Komatsu
    Nana Komatsu

    Born: November 30, 1980 
    Height: 158 cm 
    Weight: 46 kg 
    Family: Mother (Natsuko), Father, Older sister (Nao) and younger sister (Nami).


    Komatsu came to Tokyo, looking to find her dream. Unlike Osaki, Komatsu came from a large and happy household, though her childish outlook prevented her from living on her own initially. She's the middle child of three sisters.

    Her chance encounter with Osaki began a friendship which changes Komatsu's life forever. She is introduced to Osaki's band, Black Stones, and their members. She later even helps "Blast" to find their bassist, by drawing a poster to advertise the vacancy. Much to her surprise, she also discovers that the members of Blast were friends with the members of Trapnest, a popular rock band of which she's a very big fan.


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