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Ryouma Echizen

Ryouma Echizen


1st Year Student
Nicknames: Prince of Tennis, Samurai Jr., Super Rookie of the East, Super Freshman, Seigaku's Pillar of Support, Ochibi (by Kikumaru Eiji), Chibisuke (Ryoga Echizen), Brat (by Akutsu Jin), Koshimae (Kintarō Tōyama), Tennis No Oujisama (by Keigo Atobe), Seishonen (by Nanjirō Echizen), Samurai (by Ken)
Birthdate: December 24
Zodiac: Capricorn
Class: 1-2
Relatives: Father- Echizen Nanjiroh; Mother- Echizen Rinko; Halfbrother- Echizen Ryoga; Cousin- Meino Nanako; Cat- Karupin
Playstyle: All-rounder
Dominant Hand: Left, Ambidextrous
Height: 151cm
Blood Type: O
Special Moves: Twist Serve, Twist Smash, Drive A, Drive B, Drive C, Drive D, Cool Drive, Cyclone Smash (anime only), Samurai Drive, One-Footed Split Step, Muga no Kyouchi
Hat: Fila
Shirt: Fila
Favorite Shoes: Fila (Marks Philippoussis Mid)
Favorite Subject: Science, English
Worst Subject: Japanese.
Committee: Library Committee 
Favorite Color: Silver
Favorite Food: Egg sandwiches, Chawanmushi, Fried Fish, Japanese
Hobby: Trying new hot spring bath salts in his bath
Father's Occupation: Helps run the temple nearby
Seiyuu: Minagawa Junko


Ryoma Echizen (越前 リョーマ, Echizen Ryōma) is the protagonist of the Prince of Tennis series. He is the son of Echizen Nanjirō and Takeuchi-Echizen Rinko. He first appears in chapter 1 when he criticized a high school student for the lesser knowledge of grips. As the main character, he is one of the most popular characters in the series.


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