Eiji Kikumaru
    Eiji Kikumaru
    Birthday: 28th November (Sagittarius) [Born at 06:28]
    Blood Type: A
    Class: 3rd Year Class 6 (Same as Fuji)
    Daily routine: Fighting over TV channel with brothers
    Dislikes/bad at: Going to the toilet at night
    Dominant Hand: Right
    Family: Grandparents, Parents, Older brother, 2nd older brother, Older sister, 2nd older sister
    Father's occupation: Office worker (News reporter)
    Fave Subject: Japanese History
    Favorite Date spot: Amusement park
    Favorite book: Idol magazines
    Favorite color: Red
    Favorite food: Soft omelette, tender fried prawns, shaved ice
    Favorite movie: Anime, fantasy
    Favorite music: J-Pop
    Height: 171cm
    Hobby: Brushing his teeth, Wandering around pet shops
    Most wanted item now: A new knitted hat
    Often visited spot in school: Gymnasium
    Play Style: Serve and Volley
    Preferred type: Cheerful, and someone he can share his laughter with
    School: Seishun Gakuen
    Shoes: WILSON (Slash DTmid)
    Special Move: Kikumaru Beam, Kikumaru Bazooka, Kikumaru Step, Acrobatic Play, Diving Volley
    Special skills aside tennis: Cooking, fly-swatting, collecting bugs
    Weight: 52kg
    Despite being a senior, perhaps Kikumaru is the most childish player in Seigaku. He likes to move around and hug everyone. Kikumaru is the other half of the Golden Pair, and because of their personality difference, Kikumaru and Oishi were able to balance their relationship as friends and teammates.


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