Other names: 夜ト; God of Calamity; Delivery God; Yatogami; Yatty; Yato God; Yabuko

    "Gods can do anything they want. Including hurting someone... Or taking their lives."

    Yato is a god who attempts to build his own shrine. He wears a jersey and a so-called "fluffy-wuffy scarf", and refers to himself as "Yato God" (Yatogami). When his current Shinki (Divine Weapon) quit, he was unarmed until he met Hiyori and Yukine. He calls himself "delivery god" and often puts his own cell number on several common places in case someone needs his help. He usually charges for 5 yen, what Japanese people usually give when praying at a shrine.

    Kofuku affectionately calls him "Yatty."


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