Toua Tokuchi
    Toua Tokuchi
    Tokuchi Toua is the main character of One Outs series.
    He is a successful gambler and a pitcher in the gambling game based on baseball called “One Outs”. After losing a game of One Outs for the first time to the Lycaons' cleanup batter (Hiromichi Kojima), he joins the Lycaons team with an odd contract – the “One Outs Contract” – that decides Toua's pay based on his performance.
    Arguably, the most fearsome trait of Tokuchi is his perceptive intellect, which he uses to manipulate professional baseball. As a baseball pitcher, he psychologically manipulates and intimidates the batters he faces along with playing high-stakes psychological and intellectual battles against his own antagonistic team owner, competing team coaches, and underhanded opposing teams. As the Lycaons' famed star pitcher, he can pitch entire games without giving up a single hit.
    Tokuchi's most important skill is probably his ability to “seemingly read minds”. Tokuchi is able to observe his opponent and throwing the according pitch, that will completely defy all his batters expectations, making almost impossible to hit Tokuchi's ball.


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