Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: March 31st, 475 GA
    Age: 25 (start of the series); 29 (Post-Timeskip)
    Status: Alive
    Height: 155 cm
    Weight: 51 Kg
    Blood Type: A
    Affiliation: Four Heavenly Kings, IGO, Four Heavenly Kings
    Occupation: Chef for Hotel Gourmet; Toriko's partner
    Partner: Toriko

    A five-star chef who works for Hotel Gourmet, part of the prestigious IGO (International Gourmet Organization). Komatsu is 25 years old, the same age as Toriko.
    He is timid but greatly interested by what he finds in his travels with Toriko. As a result, he tries to overcome his fear and does his best to help. It is shown that he is a highly skilled and competent chief capable on carrying out delicate procedures such as the removal of a puffer-whale's poison sack. He is also able to create delicious plates from any food giving to him and he has such a large knowledge of foods that he knows which foods would work well together. He is also very observant, being easily able to discover edible organisms in the area. His skills didn't go unnoticed since he has impressed all three of the "Four Heavenly Kings". 
    Toriko noted he has skills even higher than five-star class, Coco who was surprised since Komatsu's skill is most likely world class and Sani seems to be in love with the way Komatsu works as a chef since it produces the "harmony" in food that Sani holds in such high regard. Because he is otherwise normal, he'll write a will whenever he come along on Toriko's hunts. He is also currently the only chef to successfully recreated the Century Soup. He keeps a baby Wall Penguin as a pet that contains the key ingredient for the soup in it's saliva. 


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