Ma Ri Baek
    Ma Ri Baek

    Name - Baek, Ma Ri
    Gender - Female
    Race - Vampire
    Age - 18
    Birthday - November 15
    Height - 163 cm/ 5'3 feet


    Ma Ri is an attractive vampire girl. Her hair is violet in color and her eyes are purple. At school, she is seen to wear a white t-shirt with a vest with a gold trim over the top. She also wears a skirt with ankle high socks. 

    In the beginning of the Webtoon, Ma Ri is shown to be very quiet and lacking in emotion. She also turned down multiple boys without hesitation, thus earning her the nickname "Ice Princess". She eventually grows out of her shell and begins to open up to her friends and the world. She has an ability to play acoustic guitar and can sing as well.

    In the past, Baek Ma Ri seems to have had friends. However, when her real identity as a vampire was revealed, no one wanted to stay with her since they feared that they would be bitten. This resulted into Ma Ri being regarded as a monster. This is probably the reason why Baek Ma Ri keeps her real identity to herself.