Hana Aoi
    Hana Aoi

    Birthdate: August 17
    Age: 16
    Height: 154cm 
    Blood Type: O 


    The clumsy keeper of the Oumagadoki Zoo, taking the job both in order to change herself, and to spend time with animals. She is to be very knowledgeable about the traits and behaviors of various animals, due to her vast love for them.

    She's known under her friends as Clumsy-Good for Nothing. She makes clumsy moves, mostly she trips and falls and someone gets hurt. She is the eternal substitute for the hand ball team, she causes an uproar in chemistry class by setting things on fire. Although that she hopes that she will become accepted by people that doesn't care that she's clumsy and tries to do her best to become a great animal keeper. Her favorite things besides animals are natto beans, fried soba and Handball. She doesn't like latest technology because she doesn't know how to use them.


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