Hikaru Hitachiin
    Hikaru Hitachiin
    Age: 16
    Birthday: June 9 (elder brother)
    Blood Type: B
    Favorite Foods: Italian, anything super spicy, maple syrup
    Favorite Subjects: Math, Physics, Chemistry
    Grade: First Year, Class A
    Height: 175 cm (5'9")
    Host Type: "Little Devil"
    Name: Hikaru Hitachiin
    Rose Color: blue
    Sign: Gemini
    Status: Wealthy Lineage
    Hikaru Hitachiin is a devious and childish first-year student who greatly enjoys toying with his fellow Host Club members Haruhi and Tamaki (whom he often calls, "My Lord"). He and his younger identical twin, Kaoru, are "little devil" type hosts who put on an act of "forbidden brotherly love" (with Hikaru as the seme) to draw in their clients. Unlike Tamaki, the Hitachiin brothers are wholly calculating in their customer relations; however, this is because of their deep dependency of each other, and a reluctance to let anyone into their world. They share a deep emotional bond, which was forged through a lonely childhood and the painful fact that no one could ever tell them apart without looking at the parting of their hair (Hikaru's hair parts to the right; Kaoru's parts to the left). Since Haruhi is the first person that can truthfully tell them apart, they greatly treasure her friendship. Haruhi has stated that Hikaru and Kaoru have their differences, despite being identical twins. Of the two, Hikaru is a little more in-control of their twincest acts, but is also more childish and immature than Kaoru, though he is the older twin.


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