Ranmaru Morii
    Ranmaru Morii

    Name: Ranmaru Morii
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 122 lbs


    The "Play Boy" of the group. 

    Author Tomoko Hayakawa notes: 

    He loves girls. He's very experienced. Nickname: The house wife's dream boy.
    He gets a rash when he sees an ugly girl.
    My first-ever "ladies' man" character. At first I wanted him to be a guy who "knows how to handle a lady." But somehow he became like "Prince Michy"... Maybe that happened because I like Prince Michy so much. I got him name from the historically famous, handsome young man, Ranmaru Mori. I hardly even changed it. I suck at thinking up names... 


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