Yukinojo Toyama
    Yukinojo Toyama

    Name: Yukinojou Tooyama
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 108 lbs


    The "Cute" one of the group, He's usually sweet and kind to others.

    Author Tomoko Hayakawa notes: 

    He's the most stylish of the four. (But he's always wearing comfortable clothes, so you can't really tell.)
    I don't know why his eyebrows are cut in half. They just are.
    I'm often told that he looks like the bass player of a certain popular band, but that's not who I modeled him after. Does he really look like him...? Hmm. I actually modeled him after another guy I really love... (Around the time he was in the band feminism). Other people say he looks like Dr. Yuki-kun from the band Risk. (He looks like Kiyoharu, so it makes sense.)