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Sunako Nakahara

Sunako Nakahara


Name: Sunako Nakahara/中原 スナコ
Gender: Female
Age: Sixteen-Seventeen years
Race: Human
Hair: Black, Long
Eyes: Purple
Occupation: Student


The star of the series, Sunako is a Gothic loner who enjoys horror movies. She was a normal girl until the cruel words of a crush calling her ugly blackened her view of the world. Now she seeks shelter in the dark recesses of her room with her ‘friends’ the horror collectibles like her anatomical model she named Hiroshi-kun. However, thanks to her aunt, she is forced to live in the same house of four beautiful boys (also known as “Creatures of the Light”). She has trouble looking at them as they are beautiful and unlike the world she is now comfortable with. However these boys are also beautiful in the inside and through friendship she accepts them as they help her find inner beauty too.


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