Kanji Tatsumi
    Kanji Tatsumi
    Age: 15-16
    Blood Type: A
    Date of Birth: January 19th, 1996
    Height: 183 cm (6')
    Initial Persona: Take-Mikazuchi
    Ultimate Persona: Rokuten Maou
    Weight: 65 kg
    Zodiac: Capricorn

    A male delinquent with a bleached, swept-back crewcut who has a scar above his left eye. He wears many piercings, metal jewelry, and a black sweater with a skull-and-crossbones design on it under his school uniform. He uses brute force in combat, swinging weapons such as steel chairs and shields. 

    Kanji has a reputation as being a bully, and is the center of numerous rumors regarding a confrontation with a local biker gang. He also attends Yasogami High. His mother runs a textile shop, with the Amagi family being one of their main customers. Kanji is skilled at tailoring for this reason, and has been interested in sewing since he was a child, but was teased about his interests.

    His Persona is Take-Mikazuchi of The Emperor Arcana, which, like Kanji, is a large, imposing figure with a skeleton-like design similar to Kanji's winter uniform. He uses electric spells and physical attacks. Once the player completes Kanji's Emperor S.Link, Take-Mikazuchi will evolve into Rokuten-Maō.


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