Flower: Lily Magnolia. Represents a love of nature. Reincarnated as: Alice Sakaguchi. Mokuren was the team's biologist. She was a gorgeous woman with long blonde hair. All of the male scientists except Shion fell in love with her after attending her final performance as a Kiches Sarjalian on Shia, before leaving for ZKK-101. She has been obsessed with Earth since her childhood and longed to live among the humans she observed. Mokuren was a special and extremely rare subset of Sarches, psychics, known as a "Kiches Sarjalian". Kiches are blessed with the gifts of growth by the goddess Sarjalim. The word "Kiche" is used to refer to the mark on her forehead, which consists of four red dots. A Kiches powers manifest themselves as plant empathy and plant growth through song at a young age, and eventually even human empathy and healing at a very old age and high level of experience.


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Official Announcement

Hi all

As we announced previously, we have removed all reading features from the website.

Now when you visit each title’s info page, you can no longer read scanlations. Instead, we have added a feature that links each title in Manga Rock to an official content provider’s site (like Comixology, or etc.) where you can support the original authors and their work.

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In the meantime, our team is still working hard on project “MR Comics” where we hope to make comics more accessible to everyone — we will share details with you soon.

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