Randou Masashi
    Randou Masashi
    The main character, he is a karate expert who is very arrogant due to the fact that not many can defeat him. After a school bus accident, his face is reconstructed to that of Rina Kurimi, a fellow student who he also feels an attraction towards. After waking from his year-long coma, he is mistaken by Rina for her missing twin sister, Yuna. In the end, despite much inner turmoil on what to do, Randou decides to pose as Yuna until he is able to find the real Yuna.

    At first, he has a lot of trouble acting like a typical female high school student and his personality as Randou comes out often with disastrous results. Even after being in a coma for a year, he is still incredibly strong which usually raises a lot of questions because of his small size. Often, as a running gag, he gets nosebleeds when he gets stimulated. However, as time goes on, he comes to discover a lot of things about being a female. Furthermore, one of his main fears is that he'll become accustomed to being Yuna for good. When it comes to matters involving Rina, he is often very selfless and only thinks about her happiness. Due to his vibrant personality and Rina's cute face, he gets many male suitors in the school (and one female). He tries to cope with it, though he usually goes nuts and beats them up (including the student president and various thugs on the streets). 


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