Touya Senji
    Touya Senji
    A high schooler who has an excellent academic record, but with an inferiority complex over a lack of talent, which dates back to the time when his brother still lived. He got his hands on an artifact that allows him to gain a talent from an important person out of the entire history.

    Touya is a complex anti-hero, thinking like one, but acting like a hero on instinct. If this contradictory attitude is in his nature or something that passes with time, remains to be seen.

    Touya is a character with a lot of strategic and tactical intellect. He observes and weighs his chances off through meticulous thinking, this is why he occasionally ponders in the mids of combat. But when need be, Touya can quickly get a grasp of the situation and his surroundings and is quite efficient in analyzing his opponent in combat, enabling him to come up with creative countertactics & attacks.

    His comrades think of him as a goodwilled, curious, reserved, but rather naïve & weak young-man.

    But Touya being indifferent in nature, has no problem ignoring his comrades looking down upon him and knows how to use this to his advantage, in those cases he comes over as unexpectedly opportunistic.