Gokuu Son
    Gokuu Son

    Age: 500+ ? (Appears 18) 
    Birthday: April 5 
    Sign: Aries
    Blood Type: O
    Height: 162 cm (5'4) 
    Weight: 51 kg (112 lbs.)
    Hair: Brown 
    Eyes: Gold 
    Hobbies: Eating, fighting, being with Sanzo
    Dislikes: Being alone, being hungry


    Perpetually hungry, energetic and playful, Gokuu is the constant companion by Sanzo's side, viewing him as the 'sun' that his world revolves around. He is actually neither demon nor human, but is a heretic that was given birth by the Earth itself. He is very fast as well as strong, and uses his nyoibou [an extendable staff] to fight demons in battle. He accompanied Sanzo on his journey, and is often seen trading insults with Gojyo or fighting with him over food. The diadem that Gokuu wears on his head is actually a limiter to suppress his true form, the Seiten Taisei, or the Sage Equal to Heaven. When in this form, Gokuu is incredibly powerful and nearly unstoppable. He usually can't distinguish between friend or foe in this form, and often turns his attack toward his companions. Sanzo is capable of conjuring Gokuu's limiter in the event that it breaks. 


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