Green Ookido
    Green Ookido

    Age: 11 (RGB), 13 (Yellow), 14 (GSC), 16 (FRLG, Emerald), 19 (HGSS)
    Gender: Male
    Birthplace: Pallet Town
    Birthday: November 22
    Blood Type: AB


    Green is Red's rival. When he is first introduced, Green acts quite cocky but his temperament later changes, however, much because of Red. He prefers to do things his own way, and thus fights alone. Later, he joins Red in his fight against Team Rocket, becoming a powerful ally. Since then, Green has been a determined albeit sometimes cold friend to many of the other Dexholders.

    Green is a formidable Trainer, coming in second place in the 9th Pokemon League (losing only to Red). At the beginning of the GSC arc, Green became the Viridian Gym Leader after Red was deemed incapable due to the injuries sustained by Lorelei's handcuffs. During the GSC arc, he was pitted against his master Chuck during the Gym Leaders' Exhibition Match which he was able to win.

    Green is Professor Oak's grandson. Professor Oak recognizes Green as being the "Trainer." Alongside Red, he is known to be one of the best Trainers worldwide.

    Green is known as Blue in the American version creating ambiguity with Blue (a fellow Dexholder) who is known as Green in the American version of the series.


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