Mikan Raigou
    Mikan Raigou
    A Stranger who possesses the ability to create and manipulate lightning. She is given an "A" rank by the Stranger Disaster Prevention Office, or "the organization," due to both her powerful abilities and also the instability of those abilities. She is given the nickname "Thunder God" by other Strangers.

    She can create and project bolts of lightning and also has multiple lightning-based abilities. These include changing her limbs to lightning and creating hovering orbs of lightning. She wears special rubber gloves and stockings in order to help keep her power in check. Due to her developing her powerful, yet often volatile, abilities at a young age, she has been involved with the organization for much of her life.

    Before the events of the story, she undertook solo missions to subdue and apprehend outlaw strangers.


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