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The protagonist of the series and the last living member of the Ashura clan. Ashura was born after Taishaku-ten had killed his father and seized the throne. His mother, Shashi, at the same time gave birth to Taishaku-ten's son Ten-ou, and tried to kill Ashura, whom she believed must stand in her way to rule Heaven at Taishaku-ten's side. However, Ashura's powers protected him and enclosed him in a cocoon where he slept undisturbed for three hundred years, until Yasha-ou awoke him.

Upon being freed from his cocoon, Ashura first appears as a baby, but grows rapidly to a child of maybe eight years. At first outgoing and friendly, he soon becomes aware of his cruel destiny, as Taishaku-ten has almost everyone with whom he has associated killed. Feeling guilty for their deaths, he vows to become strong enough to defeat Taishaku-ten himself.


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