Issa Kazuma
Issa Kazuma

Full Name: Issa Kazuma
Age: unknown (though he looks really young)
Squad: Zero, Captain
Family: Sister
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Blue


Issa Kazuma is the captain of Squad Zero of the VIUS. His Squad motto is DDD - dangerous, difficult, distinguished, but most people make the last D into detested. He lives at the VIUS center since he has no home. When he was young, his sister was taken away by the dracules, people infected with the D-Virus who turn into monsters, and they decided to tell Issa that they know where his sister is and if he helps them they will tell him where she is. It seems that fighting Dracules should make his sister happy. While on side with the dracules he is given the name "Leda of the Battlefield" and so far noone knows why or how he changed to the VIUS.
In the 1st volume he went undercover as an exam inspector. During that time, he met his soon-to-be squad partner, Leila Mikami, and when all the applicants to join the VIUS fall into a trap he foolishly reveals his Dragon Eye in front of them. The one thing that Leila needs to help avenge her dead parents who were killed by a one eyed dracule with a dragon eye. Issa received this eye from a dying old dracule he defeated, so far noone knows why he accepted it because it puts a massive strain on his body when he uses it and his true reason for using it hasn't been revealed yet. The eye is normally closed on his forehad while it looks like a cross-shaped scar.


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