Hikari Hanazono
    Hikari Hanazono

    Birthday: March 20
    Blood Type: O
    Favorite Food: Rice Balls
    Family: Mum, Dad, Elder Brother


    Hikari is determined to beat Kei in any kind of competition, whether it be in organizing a school event or a wrestling match. She's a kind girl who always worries whether others are having fun. She is second place in 10th grade for best grades, but is sometimes lacking in common sense. Stubborn, proud, and hot-headed, Hikari never backs down from a challenge, especially one from Kei, as she is constantly looking for an opportunity to surpass him. She's good at everything except for cooking and teaching. Although she can handle her own in a fight (often against boys), Kei, nevetheless, gets irritated whenever she puts herself in danger, thus treating her more like a female than she does herself. Stupid when it comes to love, as Kei is in love with her and everyone knows except her...she is very dense. When Kei shows any affection to her, she usually regards it as a joke, or just plain scary. When Yahiro first told her Kei is in love with her, she first freaked out, then later laughed it off as an impossibility (since they "are rivals," it would be "too weird"). 


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