Kei Takishima
    Kei Takishima

    Birthday: November 22nd.


    Kei is always a smooth winner, he's rarely seen stressed out or concerned unless it involves Hikari in trouble. He likes to refer to Hikari as "Number Two," or "Miss Rank Two" which never fails to provoke her. 

    He has the ability to remember anything he reads, including phone numbers. He excells at all subject from academics to athletics to martial arts. He usually prefers to do things on his own, until Hikari shows him how much fun it can be to work together with other people. 

    He is first in 10th grade for best grades. He is in love with Hikari, but she is too dense to notice it. Although he doesn't come straight out and admit it, it is common knowledge among the SA that he loves her, and Kei himself also doesn't deny it. The reason he hasn't confessed his love to her or asked her out is because he figured, knowing her, she'd probably just laugh it off (yes, for all her intellectual excellence, she is quite stupid/naive/innocent when it comes to love). 

    Although he is stoic most of the time and always keeps a calm facade under any circumstance, things involving Hikari are the only ones that bring out intense anxiety within him. It bothers him whenever Hikari pushes herself too hard, although it is for this very reason that he admires and respects her. 


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