Nagihiko Fujisaki
Nagihiko Fujisaki
Age:13 Birthday: July 4 Blood Type : AB Guardian Chara 1 : Temari Guardian Chara 2 : Rhythm The graceful but somewhat enigmatic former Q-Chair (Queen's Chair), who is the same age as Amu. When Amu rejected the offer to join the Guardians, Nadeshiko tried many ways to convince Amu; One of those was to bribe Amu with photos of Tadase sleeping. It was revealed later on in the manga that Nadeshiko is a boy and his real name is Nagihiko. It is the rule of the Fujisaki family that the males are trained to become "oyama" (male actors who plays female parts in kabuki). That is why Nagihiko wears female clothes and goes by a female name. He goes studying abroad in Europe to "complete" his dancing. It is hinted that he may have feelings for Amu from episode 25, where he admits that there is a girl that he is "interested" in, however; he is not ready to reveal himself to her as of yet. In chapter 27, Nagihiko is shown with the First K-chair, Tadase, and Kukai. The First King has decided that Nagihiko will serve as the interim Jack, since Kairi left at the end of Chapter 26. Kukai and Tadase are the first few people that knows Nagihiko's secret, the others being Nagihiko's family and the First King. Nagihiko's character after Character Change is a battle-hungry yakuza type who speaks in Hiroshima slang and carries a naginata. He is good friends with Amu, and he looks over and supports Amu in her love life. Temari says "Chin, Ton, Shan" during a Character Change with Nagihiko. In chapter 34 and episode 91, Rhythm hatches after Nagihiko remembers how much he liked playing basketball, at his own pace and rhythm, while fighting against an X Character. When in a Character Transformation, they become Beat Jumper. In episode 91 and 92 it is shown his attack "Beat Dunk" which is needed for him to jump up in the air and make a powerful dunk. In episode 93 it is show his attack "Blaze Shoot" which he throws a somewhat-like ball forming in his hands. Rhythm Character Changes with him into a person really good at sports. He appears to be very friendly and optimistic person in Character Change. It is shown in episode 92. And is later revealed that Temari then returns at episode 98 and chapter 34 with Rhythm. When in a Character Transformation, they become Yamato Mai Hime.


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