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The first to come out from Amu's Eggs. An athletic and honest character. Her hair is tied in a side pony tail. She has a pink sun visor, a red themed cheerleader outfit, and wears a heart shaped hair clip. Dislikes silence. During Character Change, Amu gains increased athletic abilities. Little wings appear at her wrists and ankles, which allows her to jump high and fly. Having a straight forward personality, Ran made Amu confesses her crush to Tadase on their first Character Change.

Amu becomes "Amulet Heart" when she Character Transforms with Ran. The clover decoration of her Humpty Lock changes to the color pink. Amu dons a pink themed cheerleader costume in this form. Her special move is "Spiral Heart" which is executed with the Heart Rod. When Amu does Character Change with Ran, Ran says "Hop, Step, Jump." Ran was seen on Peach-Pit's website before the publication of Shugo Chara!, volume 1.


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