Washuu Hakubi
    Washuu Hakubi
    Washu, The self proclaimed greatest scientist in the Universe. Her First appearance is in episode 6 of Tenchi Muyo. Trapped inside a Crystal on the "Mirrorside" of Kagato's Spaceship. where she was released for the first time in 5000 years.

    Despite her age of 20,000 years Washu displays her self mostly as a girl in her early teens. but can adapt her physical age at any time to an adult form.

    Washu is responsible for creating the Soja, Ryo-ohki and Ryoko. Using her own egg cell as a base for Ryoko's creation, making Washu her mother.

    Like Ryoko, Washu can create energy swords and blasts at will. She also has a telekinetic link with Ryo-ohki and Ryoko. Being able to read their memorys to some extent, this ability is not perfect as shown in episode 10 when she needed to connect Ryo-ohki to a machine in order to read her toughs. She can also create interdimentional portals near herself to dispose and create objects (Shown in episode 8).

    Her main Goal is discovering the source of Tenchi's Power. She will go to almost any extent to get him as a guinea pig for her experiments, and strips him down to his undies for when it's not needed.


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