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Aya Natsume
Aya Natsume
Age: 15
Birthday: March 10
Height: 162cm
Weight: 43kg
Three sizes: 96-50-81
Blood type: AB
Fiancé: Nagi Souichirou (against his will)
Family: Natsume Maya (older sister), Natsume Shin (older brother)
Fighting style: Natsume Goushin Ryu
Special abilities: 龍眼 Ryuugan (Dragon Eyes)
Techniques used: flicker jab, Natsume Ryu Konjutsu Kojiri Gaeshi
Positions: Member of Jyuukenbu, 1st year student of Toudou Gakuen
Aya is a freshman at Toudou Academy. She has a similar build to her sister and is close to equaling her in bust size. Since the first time they met, she has decided to become Souichirou Nagi's wife because she believes it is fate and it follows the tradition of the Natsume women. This attraction to Souichirou also leads to a rift between her and her sister, as Souichirou is in love with Maya. Though out the series, she has increased her skill and dedication so she can support Souichirou in anyway.


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