Jin-le Kwon
    Jin-le Kwon

    A redheaded girl (inherited from her father) born to an American father and a Korean mother. During her early life, she lived with her mother in America. However, following a plane crash which resulted in her mother's death, her maternal grandfather took her in. She was trained in the Sun-Woo Clan's martial arts, and is said to be amongst the top five for her skills.

    At the start of New Waves, she is guarding Shi-Woon from other Schools that want to exact revenge on him for actions committed by the Nine Arts Dragon. After Shi-Woon is introduced to the four elders of the Sun-Moon Clan, she is transferred into the Nine Arts School where many believe she is a delinquent due to her red hair and mannerisms. Although she is meant to protect Shi-Woon, her grandfather has stated to her that she should not interfere in any attacks until he is half-dead as to inspire fear in Shi-Woon, making him an easier puppet to control. She gradually develops feelings for Shi-Woon.

    After she runs away from the Sun-Woo Clan, Jin-Ie was discovered by Ji-Woo Li, one of the leaders of S.U.C. who killed her cat, but was saved by Joon-Ho Yang who later finds her a job at a maid café with Ji-Gun Yoo's help, much to her chagrin.


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