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Shoukichi Komachi

Shoukichi Komachi

Age: 22 ( Bugs II ), 42 ( Annex I )
Birthday: August 20 (Leo)
Blood type: A
Dislikes: small toilet stalls with inward-opening doors, cockroaches
Favorite food: hotpot, beef stew, curry, tropical fish
Height: 187 cm
Hobbies: growing coral
Mars ranking: #3
Nationality: Japan
Surgery base: Japanese Giant Hornet (Vespa Mandarinia Japonica)
Weight: 87 kg

Shoukichi Komachi is a Japanese man who was a member of both the BUGS 2 expedition and the Annex I.Despite disliking conflict, has a strong sense of justice. When he was 15 years old, he saw his childhood friend Nanao's stepfather abusing her and killed the man with his bare hands to protect her. After being released from juvenile prison, he underwent the B.U.G.S. procedure to follow after her.


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