Estelle Rosenthal
    Estelle Rosenthal

    Classification: Magician
    Ability: Necromancy


    Estelle first appears while being pursued by Anti-Skill. While escaping them, she enters a certain hospital and finds herself in Accelerator's room. She attempts to ask him about Last Order, however Accelerator doesn't notice her due to using his power to deflect sound away from him while reading. While she tries to get his attention, her pursuers catch up with her and manage to subdue her. She is later tied up with several belts including her mouth. Despite her bonds, she manages to get out during the scuffle between the Anti-Skill and Accelerator who has come to take her away for questioning as she carried a photo of Last Order. She later reappears before Accelerator, in his room, inquiring about the girl on the photo, Last Order.