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Mei Ichijouji

Mei Ichijouji

Age: 16
Attribute: Human (possessee)
Birthday: May 2
Blood type: A
Food: milk, sweet food
Height: 152 cm
Likes: family, friends, stuff dolls, anything that's cute
Objective: To gather enough funds to live on her own (to be independent)
Occupation: High school student (1st year)
Star sign: Taurus
Weakness: scary things, strange things, dark places

A pure and well mannered girl, the type to poke her nose into other peoples' business. Tends to get involved with troublesome matters but she is full of optimism so she doesn't mind.

She attracts all manner of monsters, including kitsune mask-wearers, Gashadokuro, ghosts, and a Nurikabe at the bathhouse. 


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