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Age: Unknown (Assumed age is 18)
Attribute: Youkai, White Fox (a Hanyou to be exact)
Character: An honest and serious character, unable to lie and honest to a fault. Fundamentally a positive person; caves in easily but also recovers quickly. Frequently says one word too many but there's no trace of malice in them.
Food: Likes tofu and other similarly bland tasting Japanese cooking. Weak towards mint and any kind of carbonated goods that hurt his mouth
Height: 181 cm
Likes: Tall trees; old and rare buildings
Miscellaneous: Wears a gakuran and a mantle; often gets tricked; no sense of direction; expressionless; polite towards the elderly
Specialties: Shiatsu massage; waking up early; kanji
Weak Spots: Women's hearts; crowds; horizontal writing

A Youkai from the fox family, he went to Tokyo to do a mission. The mission was to find a bride that is beautiful and strong, a hard worker, and is also kind. Once he arrived in Tokyo he met Mei, and after a while he was able to live in Mei's house with her sister.


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