Touto Nogi
    Touto Nogi
    The protagonist of the story who has been feared all through middle school because of his sharp features and demeanor even though he is actually a pretty nice and decent guy. 

    He studied hard to enter a prestigious high school and start anew and to find the person who has given him a good-luck charm in the shape of a cellphone strap. While investigating one of the school myths, he gets attacked by a monster but in that moment, his cellphone good-luck charm comes to life and reveals itself as Frivelen, the Goblin of the Brave Horn Clan. From that moment, Touto's high school life becomes even more interesting than he had imagined. 

    With Frivelen's help, he can summon a weapon called 'Candy Coil' that he can alter at will to fight his opponents, known as 'Folklores'.

    Touto is a bit socially awkward and finds it hard to memorize his classmates' names. He often makes plans and missions to better adapt to his new high school life and make friends. He's friends with Miyakoe and Yuta. 


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