Touji Ato
    Touji Ato
    A former delinquent and Harutora's best friend from school. He enrolled in Onmyo Academy in Tokyo together with Harutora. He usually helps Harutora whenever he gets in trouble and is always seen wearing a green bandanna.
    At the end of episode 3 of the anime, it is revealed that he is actually a spirit seer and aware that Hokuto is a shikigami. And actually he knows that Hokuto is Natsume's shikigami.
    Two years prior to the story, it was revealed that he was possessed by the ogre which caused the Spiritual Disaster. Thus in the end he became a half-ogre and now tries to gain control to contain the ogre within himself. The reason he enrolled in Onmyo Academy was to purify the ogre inside him.


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