Ginshi Shirazu
Ginshi Shirazu
Affiliations: CCG's Quinx Squad - Squad Leader
Age: 19
Birthday: March 8
Height: 176 cm
Quinque: Tsunagi (Bikaku)
RC type: Ukaku
Species: Quinx
Weight: 55 kg
 Ginshi Shirazu is a Rank 3 Ghoul Investigator, and a leader of the Quinx Squad.
Shirazu, like most of his teammates, is shown to have great respect for his mentor, Haise Sasaki. However, he is easily manipulated by Urie, and constantly seen accompanying him, the former squad leader, on dangerous assignments. Although he is a competent fighter with a ruthless nature, Urie describes Shirazu as a simple-minded person. This becomes evident when Urie easily manipulates him into thinking that Sasaki is using the Quinx for his own gain. He easily becomes fired up and speaks loudly.
He also seems to be quite exaggerated in his expressions and movements. 
His primary motive for joining the Quinx Squad is to get money in order to pay for treatment to heal his hospitalised sister, Haru, who he was left to take care of after his father committed suicide.
He is stated to be poor at tasks that require thought, such as academics or investigation. However, his consideration for others and attention to his surroundings convince Sasaki he has potential as a Squad Leader. In contrast to his loud and violent mannerisms, he is also someone that cares greatly for his team. While prone to bickering with Urie, he shows a gentler side when interacting with Mutsuki or civilians such as Chie.
Despite his habit of being easily influenced, he consistently demonstrates a strong admiration for Sasaki, of whom he shares a friendly relationship with.
Shirazu has a crush on his superior, Akira Mado, and refers to her as the "Holy Mother" of CCG. His team appear to be aware of this fact.


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