Vera Linus
    Vera Linus
    The student council president. An outwardly cold girl, she is the most powerful student at the school. Her sister, Yuri, is the head of Reunion. Her initial impression of Gangryong is that he is useless. In the past, she fought Lightning Tiger, and the incident left a scar and a strong impression. Though he was her enemy, she regards him almost as a former lover. She fights using the Arts of Heaven's Rich Strength. What she seeks can't be obtained by Reunion or the council and she actually hold no interest in them. She fights Guesong after he interfered in her goal and kills him, afterward Rud challenges her to a formal match next year. But then she kills everu student in the school except Rud's company and few who escaped earlier. After that she makes Rud die in exchange of his friends' lifes.


    Special Void Fist - Is a traditional martial art skill that is only used by the main bloodline of Art o Heaven's Riches.Used by gathering the user's Ki into their palms and are directed towards their opponent's heart to cause extreme internal damage. 

    Void Strike Class - A technique that can constrict an opponent's heart from a medium (approximately 5-10m) distance away. Fire Dragon claims the counter technique was pioneered by Lightning Tiger himself. 

    Vacuum Strike - A blast that expands the emptiness in a distance. 


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