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    Gangryong Ma
    Gangryong Ma
    The main protagonist in the series. Gangryong is 18 years-old and the sole remaining practitioner of the Enlightenment Of Thunder and Lightning (EOTL). Though fairly dense, he shows an aptitude for battle and street smarts that seem well-suited to his underdog status at the Reunion school, he once even fought with both arms broken and one broken leg. Mouthy and disrespectful, he has a penchant for making enemies which to date has served him only to win less than a handful of actual fights with him usually ending up unconscious. He usually has flashbacks of Lightning Tiger's teachings and his fighting style is Dog Fighting and since he started his training later than most, his Ki channels are very clogged, so he has very limited amount of Ki but it's highly refined, so much so that after being hit with "Life wish" his body began releasing it like an electric eel, nearly killing him. He is extremely knowledgeable about fighting and at Rud's request is aiming for one of the council seats. He is only capable of close ranged EOTL techniques as of current. In volume 8 he fights against Hayato and loses due to Hayato having learned Northern Broad Strike and aquired a move that countered Gangryong's EOTL. Later in volume 9 he is the only of the students fighting Fire Dragon, that can land a clear and decisive hit on Fire Dragon.Four months later he is much stronger , as several fighters including two level 8's were knocked unconscious on the path towards his room. Honse then commented his skill level to be at level 9. Right before the student council elections, he secretly takes on both Guhoo and Shinra who are displeased with his rapid progress. He provokes Guhoo into anger and defeats him in one hit. Leaving Shinra alone due to the fact that he believes he is now stronger than her and continuing the fight 1 on 1 would prove pointless.


    * Lightning Fist - The user creates positive and negative charges in his fist and collides them, creating lightning, it has a stun effect, the effectiveness depends on the user's skill which can produce either a current that stuns the opponent for a long duration of time or a current that lasts only for very short time. This also depends on who the opponent is because if they are powerful enough, dispersing the effect with their own Ki would be quite easy.
    * Thunder Break - Officially known as the Fist of Reverse Lightning, it was renamed by Lightning Tiger. It works by only creating a negative charge while using the enemies positive charge used to guard against Lightning Fist to create a lightning effect, it disrupts the flow of Ki in the body of the enemy, the effectiveness of the technique depends on many separate factors, the user's skill level in the art and current condition when using Thunder Break, and the opponent's toughness and body density, with these factors the effect of the disruption can be very damaging or very weak.
    * Electric Yo-Yo - Officially known as (Magnetic Force of Lightning Space), it's basic theory is "Static Electricity" and it works by changing the voltage of the users body and uses the flow of Ki as a current to shock the enemy. You generate negative charge on the left hand while inhaling and create a positive charge on the right hand while exhaling. Until he lets go the person will be continuously shocked so it's considered a kill technique.
    * Half-Step - A dodge skill that was created by Gu Honse from Dohyup's family's traditional art, although Honse created a highly similar technique four years ago to counter Reunionists. It has an effectiveness of 70% average but against Reunion styles it's average rate increases to 95% overall.
    * Lightning Flash - Gathers electricity on three points around the hand and discharges it. In chapter 37, it was used to disperse the extra Ki build up in Gangryong's body due to rushing the purifying process of EOTL.In his fight with Fire Dragon,it seems he is more adapted in the usage of this attack, as he can strike and make characters like him bleed.


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