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The director of the school, and the Heavenly Five Paths master of fire. He was an old friend of Lightning Tiger's, as he was the one who reassembled the pieces of his arm. They split when Fire Dragon chose to side with Yuri in her quest to become a god. He could be the one who killed Lightning Tiger, as the bones of the arm were charred. He recently tried to attack Vera and Earth Beast. It is revealed in volume 8 that the person that killed Lighting Tiger, was Yuri Linus.

In volume 9 Fire Dragon attacks Madoka and Hayato, after they protest of the training (lethal) given to Kombengi; Rud and Shin interfere and attack Fire Dragon, they are helped latter by Yuhwa, but still are no match, Gangryong appears and also attacks Fire Dragon (The only one of the fighters to land a hit on him), after Gangryong dispels a fire vortex and Vera appears, Fire Dragon calmly leaves the place. Later is shown that while he was moving and walking normally after the fight, he was injured to the point of vomiting blood. It is to be noted the immense power of Fire Dragon, to be able to sustain a combined attack from some of the most powerful students in the school (Against five members of the Student Council and Gangryong) easily neutralizing Shin, Madoka, Hayato and Rud at the same time.


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