Komugi Kusunoki
    Komugi Kusunoki
    Age: 16
    Height: 156cm
    Birthday: October 16
    Blood type: O
    Favorite food: Tofu
    Least favorite food: Cucumber
    Hobbies: Reading
    Kusunoki Komugi lived with her mother in Tokyo and couldn't get along with her classmates. Due of her mother's business trip to Fukuoka, she decides to stay with her father in Hokkaido, who she hasn't seen in since her parent's divorce.
    Oogami's seatmate. He surprises and thoroughly creeps her out on her first day of school telling her she smelt delicious. Much to her dismay he follows her around and befriends her. Due to this she earns the ire of her female classmates.
    Later on Komugi accidentally discover's Oogami's secret, and to unknown reasons he is unable to erase her memory, and agrees to keep everything a secret. Through this Komugi ends up befriending the school's idols.


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