Yuu Ookami
    Yuu Ookami
    Age: 16
    Height: 176cm
    Birthday: July 26
    Favorite food: Kusuya's Udon
    Least favorite food: Natto
    Hobbies: Tring out new flavors of snacks
    Kogumi's seatmate. He surprises her by telling her she smelt good. Much to Kogumi's dismay he follows her around so as to befriend her, helping her a lot.
    He is both extremely good looking and kind. Him and his friends Fushimi Rin, Awaji Aoshi and Miyama Senri are know as the school's idols. They are sought after by many girls at their school. But there is a thin line separating them from the rest of the students. No one has ever been able to cross this line.
    Yuu is a wolf and like his friends has the power to take on human form. He is Japan's last wolf. He is half human. His father was a wolf but die while Yuu was young. His mother who is human, brought him up. As a child, due to being half wolf, he was very unstable. His mother felt that she could not handle such a kid, she abandoned him. He was found by Fushimi. Unlike Fushimi, Yuu didn't lose faith in human. According Fushimi, Yuu treats human nicely because he expects the same in return.
    According to Yuu, his name means "end." Since he is the last of his kind, he is prohibited from falling in love blindly.


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