Shigeki Sato
    Shigeki Sato
    Birthday: July 8, 1983
    Sign: Cancer
    Height: 171cm
    Weight: 58kg
    Blood Type: B
    Favorite Food: monja yaki pancake, coke
    Dislikes: doctors
    Hobby/Special Skills: handicrafts, helping people in need
    Shoes: Lotto
    Uniform Number: 11
    School: Sakura Jyousui, 2-A
    He joined the soccer team a long time ago at Sakura Jyousui, but quit immediately because the 3rd years never tried and Tatsuya too serious. Shigeki only rejoined the team because he saw that Shou had made the team seem more interesting.
    Shigeki is relaxed and always shows his tough side. He likes to be called Shige rather than Shigeki. He has a Kansai-ben or Kansai dialect, and likes to give nicknames, such as the favorite Tatsu-bon for Tatsuya and Pochi (puppy) for Shou.


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