Masayuki Hori
    Masayuki Hori
    Age: 17-18
    Birthday: November 28 (Sagittarius)
    Height: 164 cm
    Blood type: AB
    Class: 3-C
    Hobbies: movie appreciation, watching plays, travelling
    A third year student and the president of the drama club. He is good at acting and used to appear in plays, but stopped due to his short height. He is now in charge of props. Kashima always causes him trouble, where she has a habit of skipping class and club duties. It has become Hori's job to see to it that she doesn't slack around, usually doing so in such an aggressive manner that he has gained a reputation as Kashima's Escort. He is often like a doting parent to Kashima, but it may also suggest that he too has feelings for her despite his strong denials.
    He is also Nozaki's assistant who is in charge of the backgrounds.
    His best subjects are mathematics and physics. When asked by Mikoshiba what his favourite type of girl is, he claims that he likes girls with nice legs.


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