Yuzuki Seo
    Yuzuki Seo
    Birthday: July 7 (Cancer)
    Age: 16-17
    Height: 163 cm
    Blood type: B
    Class: 2-A
    Favorite food: sushi, roasted chicken
    Family: father, mother, elder brother
    Sakura's classmate who can easily offend people. She acts on impulse and is inconsiderate of other people. She is a member of the choir club, and her singing voice is beautiful enough that she is referred to as "Lorelei."
    She lives relatively near to the school, and usually goes to school by bicycle. Incidentally, she also lives near to the train station, and would occasionally go to school by train whenever she feels like it. Her best subjects are Mathematics and History, but does not do as well in Japanese.


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