Hirotaka Wakamatsu
    Hirotaka Wakamatsu
    Birthday: September 3 (Virgo)
    Age: 15-16
    Height: 185 cm
    Blood type: A
    Class: 1-D
    Freshman who belongs to the basketball club and has known Nozaki since middle school since they were in the same basketball club.
    He played against Seo in a basketball match. Her rough play made him unable to sleep. He was able to sleep soundly, later, thanks to the voice of Lorelei, though he doesn't know her true identity.
    His best subjects are sports and English, but is not very good in Japanese. His family consists of his father, mother, elder sister, and younger brother (who is in elementary school). His type of girl are girls with cute personalities and are smaller than him.


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