Tomoki Sakurai
    Tomoki Sakurai
    Age: 14-16
    Height: 155 cm
    Weight: 42 kg 
    Birthday: May 17th
    An ordinary, highly perverted high-school boy who tries to live his life as peacefully as possible, with his personal motto "Peace and quiet is the best". Since his childhood he's been having a dream of an angel, which he wakes up from crying.
    When he is in a highly perverted state, he often thinks of "wise" words his grandpa had told him long ago, words of high pervertism.
    He has his moments of wisdom, especially when in trouble regarding the Angeloids. He is often soft and caring towards Ikaros and Nymph (and Astraea in the manga).
    He came up with Tomoko just to get with Sohara and Mikako in hotsprings, so he could peek on them.
    Saki Fujita and Alison Viktorin voice his female counterpart "Tomoko".


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